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01/26/17 02:09pm
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Requesting a Fire Extinguisher Property Loan


The UC Davis Fire Department often requires an on-site fire extinguisher at certain events taking place on the UC Davis Campus for the safety of the campus participants and guests.  When notified of the event in advance, the Fire Department will make every effort to work with the event coordinators/managers to determine if fire extinguishers are required for the event, and to notify the participants.


If a fire extinguisher is required for the campus event, one can be obtained on loan from the UC Davis Fire Department for the duration of the event. Contact UC Davis Fire Prevention on campus at (530) 752- 2059 or (530) 752-4268 and at the UC Davis Health System at (916) 734-3036 in order to set up an appointment to pick up the extinguisher(s).  You will need the following information at the time of the appointment:

  1. Name of the individual within your department who will be responsible for the pick-up and return of the fire extinguisher(s) and who will be responsible for it during the event. 

  • This individual must have basic knowledge of, and training in fire extinguisher handling as well as fire extinguishing procedures, and

  • Must be onsite at all times during the duration of the event.

  1. The estimated time of return.

  • Extinguishers must be returned within 24 hours upon the completion of your event.

The department requesting the loan is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of all fire extinguishers to and from the UC Davis Fire Department. The requesting department will also be held responsible for any charges should any fire extinguishers become lost or damaged while on loan.  Charges will include parts and labor as well as a complete replacement of the fire extinguisher should one be necessary.

August 2000
Revised March 2015