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Recharge Rates

The following are current approved rates for services provided by Campus Veterinary Services (CVS) and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).  These rates are subject to change.  Customers will be notified prior to implementation of new rates.


NOTE: Rate increases are currently pending approval for CVS, EH&S or OHS.


Rates for Campus Veterinary Services

UC Davis Customer Hourly Rates (effective 4/1/12)

Veterinarian $143.00/hr.
Technician $52.00/hr.
Student $11.00/hr.


External Customer Hourly Rates (effective 4/1/12)

Veterinarian $200.00/hr.
Technician $70.00/hr.
Student $15.00/hr.


Rodent Health Surveillance Rates (effective 1/1/12)

Rodent Type High Density Medium Density Low Density
Conventional Mice $0.05/cage $0.06/cage $0.12/cage
Contain/Micro Mice -- -- $0.19/cage
Medium Barrier Mice $0.11/cage -- $0.22/cage
High Barrier Mice $0.12/cage -- $0.25/cage
Vendor Barrier Mice $0.21/cage -- $0.42/cage
Sentinel Barrier Mice $0.23/cage -- --
Rats $0.07/cage $0.11/cage $0.25/cage
Guinea Pigs $0.24/animal $0.48/animal $0.96/animal
Hamsters/Gerbils $0.08/animal $0.12/animal $0.28/animal
Vole/Peromyscus/Other Rodent $0.06/cage $0.09/cage $0.17/cage
Wild Rodent $0.08/cage $0.12/cage $0.24/cage

Rates for Environmental Health & Safety (effective 8/1/13)

Chemical Waste Disposal

Bulkable Hi BTU
(Mixed organic solvents, solvents with pesticides)
Bulkable Lo BTU
Bulkable Acid
(Acidic solutions, e.g. Hydrocholoric, Sulfuric, or Nitric acids)
Non-Reactive Lab Pack
(Most dry lab chemicals, toxic mixed classes of hazardous waste)
Reactive Lab Pack
(Reactive solutions and solids)
Mercury Compound Waste
(Mercury containing solutions, Mercury salts)
Photo Waste
(Fixer, develop - no bleach or stop bath)
Medical Waste Sharps
(Sharps container without chemicals)
Lead Batteries
Unknown Wastes Vendor Surcharge
Other Non-routine Wastes
(Waste requiring special handling by EH&S)


Combined Hourly Rate

Specialist $88.00/hr.
Special Event Food Insp - Non-perishables*
Special Event Food Insp - Perishables*

*Note: Hourly rate includes food and sanitation inspections, Due Diligence, CAHFS, Plan Review and Other Hourly.


Dosimetry-TLD (Whole Body)
Dosimetry - Finger Ring
Dosimetry - Wrist Badge
Dosimetry - Film Badge (Whole Body)
Dosimetry - 760 + CR39
Late or Lost Dosimetry - TLD (Whole Body)
Late or Lost Dosimetry - Finger Ring
Late or Lost Dosimetry - Wrist Badge
Late or Lost Dosimetry - Film Badge (Whole Body)
Late or Lost Dosimetry - 760 + CR39


Offsite Lab Inspections

Offsite Lab Inspections - Travel Reimbursement


Radioactive Waste

Short Lived Dry Waste
(Half life <120 days)

Long Lived Dry Waste
(Half life > 120 days)

Short Lived Biological Waste (non-infectious)
(Half life <120 days)

Long Lived Biological Waste (non-infectious)
(Half life >120 days)

Exempt Vial Waste
(Only 3H and 14C < 0.05 uci/ml)

Regulated Vial Waste
(All other vial waste)

Aqueous Liquid Waste
(No hazardous chemical constituents)

Primary Vials
Other Non-Routine Wastes
(Mixed radioactive/chemical wastes, etc.)
$102.50/hr. plus supplies and actual vendor charges


Radiation Use Authorization Fees

Hazard Rating Category 1a
Hazard Rating Category 1b
Hazard Rating Category 2
Hazard Rating Category 3
Hazard Rating Category 4


Radioactive Materials State License Fee

Annual State License Fee* $124.38/yr.

*Note: $25,000 annual state fee divided equally among RUA license holders


X-Ray Machine Use Authorization (Includes Biennial State Registration Fee)

X-Ray MUA Electron Microscope
X-Ray MUA Cabinet
X-Ray MUA Diffraction
X-Ray MUA Therapy
X-Ray MUA Radiographic/Fluoroscopic
X-Ray MUA CT Scanner
Stored Unit