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UC Davis IACUC Policies and Guidelines

IACUC is an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. IACUC's are mandated by two different federal laws, the Animal Welfare Act and the Health Research Extension Act.

Policy and Procedure Manual Sections Relating to IACUC

Section 290-30
Use and Care of Animals in Teaching and Research
Section 290-25
Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact

These statements of policy address areas in which federal laws or the guidelines of granting agencies are somewhat unclear. The IACUC has tried to create a clear statement of policy in these areas to help researchers understand what is expected of them and to make certain that all researchers are treated equitably.


Campus Standards for Animal Care- Click here


IACUC Policies and Guidelines

Administrative Protocol Amendments (Updated 2-7-2013)
Numbers Rationale for Animals in Protocols (Updated 2-7-2013)
Adoption of Animals Used in Research and Teaching (Updated 11-15-2012) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) When Working with Animals in Investigator Laboratories and Related Facilities(Updated 10-18-2012)
Anesthesia Machine/Vaporizer Calibration and Maintenance Guidelines(Updated 6-28-2012) Post Approval Monitoring Program (Updated 1-10-2013)
Animal Care and Use Occupational Health Program (Updated 8-22-2013) Protocol and Amendment Review Process (Updated 2-7-2013)
Animal Tracking System (ATS) (Updated 3-22-2012) Protocol Suspension (Updated 5-03-2012)
Blood Volumes, Maximum Blood Draws, and Blood Collection Sites in Small Mammals, Birds and Fish (Updated 5-31-2012) Scientist-in-Charge and Technician-in-Charge Roles and Responsibilities (Updated 6-28-2012)
Collecting Tissue for Genotyping and Identifying Purpose Bred Mice and Rats (Updated 5-31-2012) Social Housing of Social Species(Added 8-8-2013)
Concern Reports: Animal Care and Use (Updated 7-26-2012) Survival Surgery Guidelines in Rodents (Updated 5-07-2015)
Environmental Alarms in Animal Facilities
(Updated 10-18-2012)

The Use of Prolonged Physical Restraint in Non-sedated Research and Teaching Animals(Updated 5-16-2013)

Expired Drugs and Medical Materials (Updated 3-22-2012) Training Requirements for Personnel Exposed to Live, Vertebrate Animals (Updated 5-16-2013)
Facility Inspection Program (Updated 9-20-2012)

Training Responsibilities by Principal Investigators (Also known as SafetyNet 116) (Updated 4-18-2013)
 Fluids Shelf Life and Use Policy (New 7-2-15)
Guidelines for Euthanasia of Research and Teaching Animals (Updated 9-19-2013) Transporting Rodents to and from Research Laboratories (Updated 5-16-2013)
Guidelines for the Changes in the Use of Therapeutic Drugs on Protocols (Updated 8-23-2012) Trials in Non-University Owned Animals (Updated 9-19-2013)
Humane Endpoints for Laboratory Animals
(Updated 9-20-2012)
UC Davis Animal Care Program Incident and Emergency Reporting Policy (Updated 1-10-2013)
IACUC Charge (Updated 4-18-2013) Use of Davis Animal Facilities by Faculty of Other Institutions (Updated 6-28-2012)
IACUC Records Retention Policy (Updated 11-15-2012) Use of Non-Pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animals (Updated 5-30-2013)
Laboratory/Study Area Inspection Program (Updated 2-23-2012) Use of Radios and Other Sound Generating Devices in the Vivaria (Updated 3-7-2013)
Laboratory Housing for Research Animals (Updated 2-23-2012) Veterinarian-Researchers Providing Veterinary Care for Teaching and Research Animals (Updated 12-14-2012)
Monoclonal Antibody Production in Mice (Updated 5-03-2012) Xenopus Oocyte Harvesting (Updated 3-22-2012)
Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Pentobarbital (Updated 5-31-2012)