Revised on
03/22/17 11:09am

Hazardous Conditions (Hot Work) Permit Application

This is for Hazardous Conditions work on the UC Davis Main Campus.  This form is to be submitted by a UCD representative.

If this is an emergency, please submit this form and call UC Davis Fire Prevention Services.

This permit requires 72 business hours notice and is not valid until the UC Davis Fire Prevention division has received a copy of the permit with your signature.

If you are doing work on a campus owned facility outside of Davis, please verify the correct permitting jurisdiction with your Project Manager.

A permit will be issued to the UC Davis Project Manager, and signed by the Permittee. A record of all hot work must be logged on the form provided with the permit.

Pending verification of information, a permit will be faxed or emailed to you for signature within 72 hours of the work/event.

Contact Information
Hazardous Conditions Information
If yes, complete the information in the following Work on Night or Weekends section. If no, continue to Permit Information section.
Work on Nights or Weekends
Only complete this section if work will end after 5 pm on campus workdays, on weekends or on campus holidays.
Permit Information
Select all options that apply.
For example: Superintendent, Project Manager, etc.
Project Information
Enter N/A if no project number assigned.
Contractor Information
For work being completed by non-campus staff:
Work and/or Event Information
Indicate a building and room number or description.
Include description of hazardous condition and what types of material will be used and/or worked on.
Indicate ALL fire protection systems that will be affected by work being done.
Fire Alarm Shop Notification
All Hotwork on campus require an assessment by the Fire Alarm Shop to determine if a shutdown will be required. The CAMPUS PROJECT MANAGER must request the assessment from the workorder desk. A permit will not be issued until confirmation from the Fire Alarm Shop is given.
To be verified by the Fire Alarm Shop manager.
If workorder not required, indicate "N/A".