Fire Prevention

For all Campus Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1 from Cell or Landline

The Fire Prevention Unit provides the UC Davis central campus and remote operations (such as Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory) with state regulated fire prevention services related to code enforcement and life and property protection. Fire Prevention Inspectors serve as the Designated Campus Fire Marshals (DCFM) for the UC Davis campus on behalf of the California State Fire Marshal.

Plans for new construction projects and remodeling/improving existing buildings are reviewed to ensure compliance with all applicable State of California building requirements. DCFM Greg Van Aken conducts the plan review, as well as inspects and approves construction projects at UC Davis facilities, on and off of the main campus. Greg is also responsible for performing fire investigations as needed.

DCFM James Patterson is responsible for the annual inspection of existing buildings, as well as oversight of maintenance of all campus fire protection systems.  He also conducts inspections for special events (including Picnic Day, Whole Earth Festival and Culture Weeks) to ensure that all activities are performed safely and that they meet occupancy requirements on campus.

Rocci Twitchell is the campus Fire Extinguisher Technician.  Rocci inspects all campus fire extinguishers in order to ensure that they meet State of California Building and Life Safety Code requirements. Rocci also teaches monthly classes on the proper use of fire extinguishers, including live fire extinguisher training.

Dr. Paige Mckibbin is a Hazardous Materials Specialist.  She is also responsible for annual inspection of existing buildings, with special emphasis on laboratories.  In addition, she assists DCFM Patterson with Special Event oversight and public education activities.