Revised on
01/06/16 02:38pm

Teaching and Research Animal Care Services

Teaching and Research Animal Care Services (TRACS) is the UC Davis Centralized Animal Care Unit.  The Campus Attending Veterinarian is responsible for the over all care of the animals used in research and teaching at UC Davis and is the Director of the centralized animal care unit.

TRACS is composed of several subunits: Husbandry Services, Veterinary Services, and Health Monitoring & Safety. The Husbandry and Veterinary Care Units are each headed by an Associate Director that report to the Attending Veterinarian who is also the Director of the Teaching and Research Animal Care Unit.

Mission Statement:

Under the direction of the campus Attending Veterinarian, TRACS will help ensure humane care and use of animals used in teaching and research and is a leader in UC Davis' Animal Care Program. TRACS is dedicated to helping conduct animal experiments in accordance with the highest scientific and ethical principles and to assisting with the advancement of scientific knowledge and the future of research goals set forth by the University of California, Davis.